Micro Spectrophotometer ND5000


►Compact design offer small space taken
►High resolution
►Easy to operate
►Low cost
►Self test &Calibration
►USB computer connection for quick data reading


The ND5000 (Micro volume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer) is a high-precision, high-repeatablity full-wavelength spectrophotometer (wavelength range: 190~850nm), only a small volume of sample 0.5-2ul is needed. No need to use cuvettes, capillaries or other positioning equipment in sample measurements, and easy to operate and clean.

It’s used to measure concentration of DNA, RNA and protein; it can also be used in other applications of spectrometers.


·Accurate light source analysis, using argon flash illumination, analysis with linear CCD array and special software

·The sample volume is little, only 0.5-2ul sample is needed.

·Wide range of applications, mainly used to measure the concentration of nucleic acids, proteins, cell suspension and other samples

·The measurement time is short, single measurement time ≤4s

·Portable design, available of multiple file formats, convenient for users to analyze data

·Automatic data storage, new "history" function, automatic recording of experimental data.

Application range

Sample type

Minimum detection limit

Maximum detection limit


Nucleic Acids

2 ng/uL



Protein A280

0.10 mg/mL





Sample volume: 0.5-2.0uL

Optical path: 0.5mm

Wavelength range: 190-850nm

Wavelength repeatability: +/-0.5nm

Measurement time: single wavelength measurement ≤ 4s

Light source: Xenon light

Detector: 3864 unit linear silicon CCD array

Warm-up time: 4 seconds

Software platform: Windows XP (32bit), Windows 7 (32/64bit)

Data output mode: through the USB interface

Wavelength accuracy: 1nm

Wavelength resolution: 2nm (FWHM at Hg 546nm)

Absorbance precision: 0.002Abs

Absorbance accuracy: 1% (0.76 absorbance at 350nm)

Absorbance range: 0.002-75 (equivalent to 10mm light path)

Sample holder material: quartz fiber and stainless steel

Software interface:

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  • Micro Spectrophotometer ND5000

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