Blood RNA Storage Tubes


The Blood RNA storage tube is preloaded with a unique preservation solution which contains proprietary RNA stabilizer that can rapidly inactivated RNase, thus inhibiting the degradation of RNA.

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BioTeke Blood RNA Storage Tube

100 tubes


Gene expression profiling in peripheral blood is frequently performed to identify susceptibility genes or biomarkers for human traits or diseases.Upon collection, RNA profiles change within minutes. Therefore, BioTeke Blood RNA Storage Tube,which allow instant preservation of RNA, could be used to storage and transportation of blood RNA samples. Blood drawn into the BioTeke Blood RNA Storage Tube is stable for up to 3 days at room temperature, or minimally 14 days at 4°C.

Contains prefilled unique storage liquid which contains specific RNA stabilizer that could rapidly inactivate RNase and inhabit the degradation of RNA.
The stored blood samples could be available for downstream experiemnts of RNA , RNA extraction methods including sedimentation method, spin column, and automatic extraction, RT-PCR, RNA-Seq etc.
The samples could be stored for 3 days at 18-25℃; 14 days at 4℃; 12 months at -20℃, or 50 months at -80℃.
The yield of RNA is about 8-15ug/1ml human blood sample.



In accordance with ISO13485

Tube Volume

10 ml nominal liquid capacity

Tube Type

Silicate Glass

Shelf Life

12 months

Storage Temperatures


The blood RNA storage tube provides an RNA profile which is the closest to human blood RNA profile.
Blood cell RNA related RT-PCR
Study on the transcriptional profile of human disease genes
Other RNA transcription related tests


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