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BioTeke cfDNA Storage Tube

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Storage of blood in regular EDTA tubes results in the release of significant amount of genomic DNA. The genomic DNA contamination will significantly reduce the sensitivity and accuracy of cfDNA analysis.

BioTeke successfully developed Cell-Free DNA Storage Tube that contains unique cell preservative, which could stablize nucleated blood cells in the blood, inhibit degradation of cfDNA and prevent contamination of cellular genomic DNA, proved to be an excellent tool for blood cfDNA preservation during blood collection, storage and transport.


NIPT noninvasive prenatal diagnosis: Storage of fetal cfDNA from maternal peripheral blood

Tumor fluid biopsy(tumor cells) Storage of CTCs (circulaƟng tumor cells) & ct DNA (circulating DNA)

Others: Storage of Plasma Cellular Genomic DNA and cf-DNA



In accordance with ISO13485

Tube Volume

10 ml nominal liquid capacity

Tube Type

Silicate Glass

Shelf Life

12 months

Storage Temperatures


Performance Evaluation of BioTeke cfDNA Collection Tube

Exhibition 1.

The tubes were remain at room temprature, visual examination showed that blood samples from 3 different tubes remain the same at day 3, blood sample from EDTA tube begin to hemolysis at day 7, and completly hemolysised at day 14;

and blood sample from competitor tube turned to half dark at day 14, while sample from BioTeke tube remain no change in color until day 7, and just begin to turn dark at day 14.

Exhibition 2.

Using Invitrogen Qubit to test the concentration of short fragments of DNAs, concentration of short fragment DNAs from EDTA tube start to increase at day 3,which means long fragment of DNAs begin to degrade and contaminate the cfDNA, and increased to 50ng/ml at day 7, 10000ng/ml at day 14;

Concentration of short fragment DNAs from competitor’s tube begin to increase at day 7, and increase to 8000ng/ml at day 14, which means incomplete degrade.

While concentration of short fragment DNAs from BioTeke tube remain no change until day 14, which indicates no contanition from degeneration of gDNAs.

Exhibition 3.

Concentration of Beta-actin represents the genomic DNA release, using qPCR to test it’s concentration at 0 day, 3 days, 7 days and 14 days, samples from different tubes were stored at room temprature, the result shows genomic DNA from EDTA tube start to release from day 3 and increase to 18000 copies/ml at day 14; genomic DNAs from S company tube start to increase at day 7 and remain increasing till day 14.

while it’s concentration from BioTeke RNA storage tube remain no change until day 14, indicate no contamination of gDNAs.


In  summary,  high  cfDNA  quality  can  be  preserved  with  BioTeke  cfDNA  Blood Collection  Tube  for  downstream  applications, cfDNA stability >14 days at 4 °C to 37 °C


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