RP1201/RP1202-RNApure Total RNA Fast Exraction Kit
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1.Salidroside reduces cold-induced mucin production by inhibiting TRPM8 activation(Sample: HBE16 cells

2. Ginsenoside Rb1 improves cardiac function and remodeling in heart failure (Sample: rats

3. IL-33 influenced the development of colorectal cancer via regulating Fra-1(Sample:  HCT-116 cells

4. The role of microRNA-146a in regulating the expression of IRAK1 in cerebral ischemia–reperfusion injurySample: mouse tissue

5. Genetic detection of IB and other respiratory viral diseases in chicken flocks in Egypt(Sample: chicken

6. Down regulation of the long non-coding RNA PCAT-1 induced growth arrest and apoptosis of colorectal cancer cells(Sample: cells

7. Cloning and expression analysis of an anti-lipopolysaccharide factor from giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii Sample: 巨型淡水虾)

8. Emergence of peste des petits ruminants virus lineage IV in Ismailia Province, Egypt(Sample: 组织)

9. Three different anti-lipopolysaccharide factors identified from giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergiiSample: 巨型淡水虾)

10.c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase is Upregulated in Patients With Hypospadias(Sample: 皮肤组织)

11.Identification and function of two myeloid differentiation factor 88 variants in triangle-shell pearl mussel (Hyriopsis cumingii) Sample: 三角蚌)

12. Maspin suppresses growth, proliferation and invasion in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma cellsSample: cells

13. Up-Regulation of Long Noncoding RNA SRA Promotes Cell Growth, Inhibits Cell Apoptosis, and Induces Secretion of Estradiol and Progesterone in Ovarian Granular Cells of Mice(Sample: cells

14. Rapamycin protects against paraquat-induced pulmonary fibrosis: Activation of Nrf2 signaling pathwaySample: 鼠)

15. Siva 1 inhibits proliferation, migration and invasion by phosphorylating Stathmin in ovarian cancer cellsSample: cells

16. Effects and Molecular Mechanism of GST-Irisin on Lipolysis and Autocrine Function in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes(Sample: cells

17. Islet-1 promotes the cardiac-specific differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells through the regulation of histone acetylation.Sample: 鼠组织)

18. Method for RNA extraction and cDNA library construction from microbes in crop rhizosphere soilSample: 污泥)

19. Fenofibrate, a PPARα agonist, protect proximal tubular cells from albumin-bound fatty acids induced apoptosis via the activation of NF-kBSample: cells

20. Effects of nutrition level of concentrate-based diets on growth performance and carcass characteristics of Hainan black goatsSample: 肌肉组织)

21.Six defensins from the triangle-shell pearl mussel Hyriopsis cumingii(Sample: 三角蚌)

22.Cloning and characterization of two different ficolins from the giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergiiSample: 巨型淡水虾)

23. hTERT-siRNA could potentiate the cytotoxic effect of gemcitabine to pancreatic cancer cells Bxpc-3Sample: cells

24. Micro-RNA-137 Inhibits Tau Hyperphosphorylation in Alzheimer’s Disease and Targets the CACNA1C Gene in Transgenic Mice and Human Neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y CellsSample: cells

25. N-Myc-interacting protein (NMI) negatively regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition by inhibiting the acetylation of NF-κB/p65Sample: cells

26. Agaricus blazei Murill Polysaccharides Protect Against Cadmium-Induced Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Damage in Chicken SpleensSample: 脾脏组织)

27.Function of two novel single-CRD containing C-type lectins in innate immunity from Eriocheir sinensisSample: 中华绒螯蟹)

28. Ectopic expression of Miro 1 ameliorates seizures and inhibits hippocampal neurodegeneration in a mouse model of pilocarpine epilepsySample: 鼠海马组织)

29.Immune response of four dual-CRD C-type lectins to microbial challenges in giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergiiSample: 巨型淡水虾)

30.Canarium album extract restrains lipid excessive accumulation in hepatocarcinoma cellsSample: cells

31. Emodin alleviates severe acute pancreatitis-associated acute lung injury by decreasing pre-B-cell colony-enhancing factor expression and promoting polymorphonuclear neutrophil apoptosis

32.Chloroquine attenuates paraquat-induced lung injury in mice by altering inflammation, oxidative stress and fibrosis

33.PPARγ alleviated hepatocyte steatosis through reducing SOCS3 by inhibiting JAK2/STAT3 pathwaySample: cells

34.Silencing of Y-box binding protein-1 by RNA interference inhibits proliferation, invasion, and metastasis, and enhances sensitivity to cisplatin through NF-κB signaling pathway in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cellsSample: cells

35. Mutant TAR DNA-binding protein-43 induces oxidative injury in motor neuron-like cellSample: cells

36. Down-regulation of long non-coding RNA MALAT 1 by RNA interference inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in multiple myelomaSample: cells



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